Performing Arts at Konini School

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Our specialist programme includes music, dance and drama.  This is a fantastic opportunity for all students to be able to sing, play instruments, dance, use drama and appreciate music through active listening and developing their ideas on a weekly basis.  In addition to the classroom Performing Arts programme, there will also be a Choir, Dance Crew and various music ensemble groups such as Recorder.  Students have the option to join these groups that will rehearse during lunchtimes and one in-class session.

Why teach music, dance and drama?

Konini School acknowledges the importance of the Arts in the physical, emotional, aesthetic, cognitive and social development of the individual.  It also recognises the importance of the Arts in the life of the national, local and school community. Performing Arts education will help our children gain greater understanding of cultural similarities and differences and learn to value these.  It will improve each student's self-esteem and the ability to work cooperatively with others through successful individual and group participation.

What is the purpose of skills in the Performing Arts?

A quality Arts education programme will:
  • Increase the students’ understandings, skills and knowledge appropriate to their stage of development.
  • Give all students experience in actively participating in creating, recreating and appreciating.
  • Promote the enjoyment of and an open-minded attitude to a range of styles, including other cultures.
  • Promote students tolerance of and encouragement to other students in their efforts to develop and display their performance skills.
  • Provide the opportunity for all children to be involved in the Performing Arts.

How will the programme be taught?

  • A sequential, structured programme based on The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum will be taught.  Students will be involved in active, creative processes which promote individual aesthetic growth and fulfilment.
  • The programme will reflect the strengths and needs of the students.
  • The programme will give children the opportunity to experience aspects of Maori music and other cultures where appropriate.
  • Where applicable, resources, people, equipment and facilities in the wider community and associated schools will be sought and used to enhance the programme.
  • The programme will encourage participation of students in extra-curricular music making opportunities, which may include choir, dance, instrumental ensembles and cultural groups, and will encourage opportunities for the students in these groups to give performances.
  • The programme will be regularly monitored and evaluated in terms of student progress, and relevant resources and teaching personnel.


All children will benefit from an active and lively Performing Arts programme, offered in an environment that is accepting and encouraging of their efforts. Participation in a frequent, regular and enjoyable programme will not only equip our students for a life-long interest in music, dance and drama but research indicates will greatly enhance their aptitude for learning in the wider context.

Extra Curricular Activities

These groups are intended to develop the talents of gifted singers, performers and musicians.  All students will be considered from Years 4 - 6. Auditions are only required if numbers exceed the limit for each group.


Marimba is taught from junior level right through to senior. This is a featured instrument within the Orff approach to teaching music and introduces children to many musical skills and concepts where children can experience success and feel confident at their own level. There is also opportunity to participate in the annual Marimba festival held at the Cloud, Auckland city.


Ukulele is taught to all senior students and there is also an opportunity for middle and senior students to join the ukulele group who will take part in the annual New Zealand Ukulele Festival. Students learn basic chords and the skills of picking and strumming.


This year the Choir will be participating in the inspirational "Kids for Kids" annual music festival which also aims to promote the values and work of World Vision and to assist schools to introduce the concept of global citizenship.