Frequently Asked Questions

When is the library open?
The library is open during school hours for class use.
It is also open during lunchtime, when our friendly student librarians are available to help you.

Who is in charge of the library?
Mrs Campton, a large alphabet caterpillar and our student librarians.

How many books can you get out?
Students can get up to four books at a time. Juniors get to choose one book, middle and seniors two and librarians four.

How long are children allowed their books for?
One week. If they need them for longer they are welcome to bring them in and have them renewed.

Is your library computerised and what do the children do to have a book issued?
Yes, the library has been computerised since 1995 on the Athenaeum catalogue system.
Children should return their old books into their class returns box or bring them to the library at lunchtime to choose a new book.

What happens if my child loses or damages a book?
Our fee for lost or damaged books is the replacement cost.
If a book is lost, please check the classroom library corner, they are often hiding there – also check the library, sometimes the books are back safe and sound.
If you do lose or damage a book, an invoice will be sent home so you can pay to replace the book.

If our child loves a book, series, author or topic, is it a help to tell you?
Yes, we love to have recommendations and it helps us to buy books that the children really like.
Contact Mrs Campton with your ideas-

Is the library a safe haven for new or scared children?
Yes, there is always an adult on duty who can help a child with a problem at lunchtime.

Are there any other rules we should know about?
The shoe rack – can all children please put their shoes on the rack outside the library, before coming in.
We want to keep the carpet clean so children can lie down and enjoy our books. (Adults may leave their shoes on if they are clean).