Parent Information A-Z

Absences and Lateness

It is expected that all children attend school daily except in the case of sickness. In the event of absence, please phone the school office before 9.00 am. Prior written notice is required if it is known your child will be away. All children are to arrive at the school prior to 8.45 am so they can organise and settle to the school day. The school day ends at 3:00 pm and it is expected that all children are in class until that time.

Academic Features

Konini School has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. The School Board and Staff have been undertaking some innovative assessment and tracking of student achievement.

After School Care - Live N Learn

LIVE N LEARN After School Care Programme is registered as an Out of School Care and Recreation Provider (OSCAR) that operates independently of Konini School. Childcare subsidies are available through Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) for those families that meet the criteria. Please Contact Rene on 022 175 8576


A whole school assembly is held each fortnight on Monday afternoon. Here the teachers share events of importance, and discuss forthcoming events for the fortnight. Children’s efforts are acknowledged with certificates. Parents are invited to attend monthly and informally meet with senior management.

Board of Trustees

The Board meets at least twice every term, with the exception of January and December. Any representations or requests need to be made through the Principal. The Board are there to govern the school. A Policy booklet is available from the Office. The Principal and Staff Representative prepare a report that is presented to the monthly meetings. Elections are held every three years.


Scholastic Books operate a book club throughout primary schools in New Zealand. Pamphlets are sent home twice a term. Parents are free to choose whether or not to purchase. Each class earns points for books purchased. These are redeemed for classroom and library books. Books are distributed as soon as they are received. Please make cheques payable to Scholastic New Zealand Limited.



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Classroom Participation by Parents

Parents and caregivers are welcome to assist in the classroom. We do ask that a mutually acceptable time be arranged. Confidentiality must be maintained at all times.


Please ensure that children arrive at school suitably dressed, comfortable and dry. All clothing and footwear must be named.
Jewellery (except earring studs) is discouraged for safety reasons.

Complaints / Concerns

Many concerns can be addressed if we know about them. In the first instance, if you have a concern about the progress or behaviour of your child, please take the time to speak to the teacher of your child.
A complaint is deemed to be of a serious nature and the parent or Caregiver must put their complaint in writing addressed to the Principal and/or Board Chairperson, stating that they are making a complaint and then specifically stating the allegations. A complaint may be the result of actions or speech or deed, construed by a parent/caregiver or member of the community to be detrimental to the child or children at the school. The Complaints Policy details guidelines and procedures to be undertaken. A Concern / Complaint Record Form is used when a teacher or the Principal is notified of a concern or complaint.


Each classroom is equipped with networked computers. These have CD-ROMs and access to the internet and e-mail. Computers are used to extend the range of resources available in classroom programmes.


All Konini School Staff and Board Members strive to ensure confidentiality is always upheld. Parents assisting in the classroom, or on school trips etc, are also asked to respect this.

Contacting the School

We appreciate contacts that parents and caregivers make with the school. Contacts requiring a formal parent-teacher discussion need an appointment. Appointments are available out of school teaching hours.

Dental Service

A Dental Therapist visits our school every year and children’s teeth are inspected and treated if required. Appointments can be made outside of this time please contact the office for more information.

Discipline & Behaviour

Discipline is seen as a partnership between school, parents, caregivers and children. Most discipline is carried out in a positive manner that reflects the principles of restorative justice. The Behaviour Management Policy outlines this in more detail. If the need arises the school may:
  • Stand-down: The formal removal of a student from school for a specified period. Stand-downs of a student can total no more than 5 school days in any term, or 10 days in a school year.
  • Suspend: Is the formal removal of a student from school until the BOT decides the outcome at a suspension meeting. Following a suspension the Board may decide to lift the suspension with or without conditions, to extend the suspension, or in the most serious cases, to either exclude or expel the student.
  • Exclude: Means the formal removal of a student aged under 16 from the school and the requirement that the student enrol elsewhere.
We expect high standards of behaviour at all times. If teachers are concerned parents will be contacted. If parents are concerned, please contact your child’s teacher or the Principal. We believe in preventative and restorative discipline. Everyone can promote concern for others, modeling courtesy and support for each other.
Translating classroom and playground rules and procedures into affirmative “we” statements, to which the children and staff commit themselves, helps to identify good behaviours and strengthens the sense of belonging that both learners and adults need.


Teachers supervise at playtime and lunchtime. All teachers take responsibility between 8.30 am and the start of the school day.

Education Outside the Classroom

As much as possible we use the outdoor environment and wider community to enhance the children’s learning and experiences.

Emergency Procedures

The school has established emergency procedures in the case of fire, earthquake, or major disaster. In cases of civil emergency Parents are asked to contact the school or the school will contact you for your child to be collected at your earliest convenience. All children will be cared for and supervised by the teacher in such instances.


Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to meet the Principal and view the school when considering school enrolment. As your child nears their fifth birthday, transition times are arranged so your child will be more familiar with the school environment.
Pre-enrolments are strongly encouraged. Notification allows the class teacher to prepare for the arrival of your child. No child will be able to attend school before their fifth birthday.


The BOT accepts the obligation to provide the best opportunities for every child.

Extra Curricular

Our students are involved in a wide variety of extra curricular activities and sport through inter-school groups, Waitakere Clusters. These events include, athletics, cross country and winter sports.

First Aid

Basic first aid materials are kept at school. In case of serious accidents, two staff members decide on the action to be taken. Parents are contacted as quickly as possible. A contact is made if the child has received any head injury or any injury deemed to be a serious harm injury. If parents cannot be contacted the staff will act to ensure the well being of the child. Please contact the school should there be any medical condition that we need to know about, e.g. asthma, sting allergies, food allergies.


We appreciate the efforts of families in the community who participate in our fundraising ventures. Your active participation is encouraged so that you are able to contribute to the development of the school’s resources.

Health & Safety

The BOT accepts the obligation to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for children and comply in full with any Legislation currently in force or that maybe developed to ensure the safety of children and employees.

Health Nurse

A Health Nurse is available to members of our community. The Health Nurse has involvement with our school. Should there be any concerns, teachers will contact parents/caregivers. If you have any concerns please feel free to discuss these with your child’s teacher.
Please contact the school office if you wish to make a referral for a visit.

Hearing & Vision Testing

Testing is carried out annually, with all new entrants tested and follow up annual re-test for children with abnormal results. Parent requests for testing of older children should be directed to the teacher of the child concerned. Teachers can refer children for testing if thought necessary.


All children are expected to do homework which varies in each syndicate. If homework is unable to be completed by the due date a note is required.


The school day commences at 8.50 am and ends at 3.00 pm.
8.50am - school starts
11am to 11.30am - Interval
1.00 to 1.35pm - Lunch Play
1.35 to 1.45pm - Lunch Eating
3.00pm - School Finishes


Learning Needs

Within the parameters of staffing and other resources, we endeavour to cater for the individual differences of children on our school roll. It has been proven that where parents and the school combine their resources, energy and commitment in a non-threatening, non-judgemental and supportive way, the child gains the greatest benefits.

Konini School believes in inclusiveness, where each child may be catered for, recognising their right to an education appropriate to their functioning level. We will endeavour to provide students with learning needs, the support and services they need to receive an education in a structured caring environment.

The school may seek the support and/or intervention of outside agencies when working with children with learning needs. The Special Education Needs Coordinator will each year be designated the responsibility of the Learning Needs Programme.


The school library is well stocked. Children are permitted to borrow up to four books each week depending on their year level.

Overdue Books
Books are issued weekly and returned the following week. Children with overdue books will have reminder notices sent home. For lost or damaged books, a replacement cost is charged.

Lost Property

Lost property is held in the lost property box located in the Junior courtyard. Articles that are named (first and last names) will be returned immediately. Any clothing still unclaimed on the last day of each term is donated to charity.


The school does not currently run a tuck shop. We recommend parents provide a healthy lunch and drink.


If a child requires medication at school, their teacher must be informed. All medication, even temporary, must be kept in the school medical cupboard or fridge. If parents require medication to be administered to their child/ren, they will need to contact the office. Children who suffer from exercise induced asthma must have a named inhaler left with their teacher or in the office.


Children are encouraged not to bring money to school, unless they have to, e.g: lunches. When it is necessary children having the correct amount would assist greatly. Although the school will help as much as possible if money goes missing, it can accept no responsibility. All trip money or entry fees are recorded and sent to the office daily.


Newsletters are emailed home fortnightly to inform you of planned events and general items of interest. This newsletter can also be viewed here.

Parent Participation

We welcome your participation. There are many opportunities for parents to support the school with resources, classroom help, school trips, equipment and maintenance etc. Your child’s teacher will be able to give you more information.

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA meet regularly throughout the year. This dedicated group of parents work alongside our teachers to fundraise for projects that support the learning of our children. If you feel you are able or would like to support your child's learning then please contact Clare Bates, Julia Fisher or Rebecca Haworth through the school office. We like to encourage all parents to get involved as together we can make a real difference.

Personal Items

We discourage children bringing personal items unless they relate to current class programmes. The school holds no responsibility for any personal items brought to school.

Protection Orders

Parents/Caregivers are advised that they must inform the school of any Protection Order or special circumstances regarding custody of children in their care. A copy of proof of agreements, such as a Protection Order issued by a District Court, is to be handed to the office administrator each school year. The school holds such documentation on file for the duration of the current year.

Reporting to Parents

Classroom teachers report to parents on children’s progress during the year. There are:
  • Meet the Teacher evening in term 1.
  • Written report at half year.
  • Parent teacher Interviews in term 3.
  • Written report at the end of the year.
Parents are invited to contact the classroom teacher at any time during the year if they have a concern about their son/daughters progress. Observation Survey: All children are tested on literacy skills a year after they enter school. Parents are invited to contact the class teacher to discuss results if required.

Request for Information from Outside Agencies

All requests for teachers to provide information to outside agencies (e.g. Group Special Education, Resource Teacher of Learning & Behaviour) must be either in writing or by providing an official form by the agency concerned. All requests must be passed through the Principal for approval. All information concerned will be returned directly to the agency by the school.

School Donations

These are set annually by the Board of Trustees and are a set amount per family. They go a small way towards helping purchase some of those extras that our school needs. Reminders are sent out both in letters and in the newsletter on a regular basis. The donation is included in stationery lists at the start of the year and parents are encouraged to pay them then.

School Organisation / Formation of Classes

This is a decision of the Principal, after consultation with teachers and parents. Parents will be advised of their child’s new class and teacher at the end of the school year.

School Policies

The school has a comprehensive range of Policies formulated by the Board of Trustees. These are reviewed on a regular basis and from time to time some will be published in the school newsletter. A Policy Book is available to view at the school office.

School Trips

We view trips as an extension of the classroom programme. We encourage all sporting, academic and social activities that will be of benefit to the children’s learning. Some cost is usually involved in such trips. We appreciate the support shown by parents in supplying transport and supervision when requested.

Smoke Free

The school is a smoke free environment by law. This means there is no smoking on the school grounds at any time, or when away on school outings, or when attending weekend sports.

Specialised Programmes / Intervention

A specialist Reading Support Teacher has been employed to support achievement in reading. Students will be selected for the programme from the results of their Observation Survey, conducted at 6 years of age, and older students from teacher and assessment recommendation. Rainbow Reading assists students in Year 5 & 6 to consolidate Reading fluency.


All stationery for use in the classroom is available for sale through the school office at competitive prices. Stationery lists are sent home at the beginning of the year. If your child/ren requires further stationery throughout the year a note will be sent home. If you wish to purchase this through the school please return your order in a named, sealed envelope to the school office.

Strategic Plan Review

A process that is undertaken by the Board (community) and staff every year. Goals are established to best enhance and develop children’s learning and welfare. Each year priorities are established for the purposes of meeting specific goal requirements. The Operational Plan, Reporting Children’s Achievements, Staff Development and Curriculum Implementation are linked to the Charter and Strategic Plan.

Support Services

On the advice of teachers and parents, support services will be called in by the Principal/Learning Needs Teacher to assist children with specific needs. These include:
  1. Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour
  2. Speech and Language Therapist
  3. Hearing and Vision Testers
  4. Psychologist
  5. Health Nurse
  6. Child, Youth and Family
  7. School Support Services
  8. School Attendance Services
  9. Police
  10. Group Special Education

Te Reo Me Nga Tikanga Maori

This plays a part in every classroom as is required by the National Educational Goals. Our school has a set programme which teachers cover in the classroom. Please feel free to ask if you would like to see the content covered.


Buses are normally used for trip transportation. However, if private cars are needed no child will be transported unless securely fastened in an approved seatbelt. Parents are informed of this for safety reasons. Where transport is provided in private cars/vans, it is preferable that children do not sit in the centre of the front seat. The vehicle must have a current Warrant of Fitness and Registration and the driver is to have a full driver’s license.

Use of Facilities by Outside Organisations

An invitation is extended to any community organisation to use the school. Requests can be made to the BOT via the school office.

Virtues Programme

This programme, promoting Values Education, is integrated school wide. We have a focus virtue fortnightly and children are acknowledged for practicing virtues in class and in the playground. Statements promoting the focus virtue are included in the weekly newsletter.


The Visitors Book is kept in the office and needs to be completed by all people visiting during school hours (visitor stickers are also provided)

Parents who are staying to assist with tasks etc are also required to use this book.

Please sign in with your arrival time, and sign out with your departure time.  For the safety of our children we need to know who is onsite at all times.