Building sustainable communities

In 2015 we became a bronze enviro-school. This means we have started work on getting to know our environment better and creating a whole school vision. This vision explores ways of how we can contribute to a peaceful, healthy and sustainable community. 


Our students will be actively involved in sustaining and progressing beyond this Silver status. We are thinking about the guiding Principles of Enviroschools within our curriculum planning and school life. The Guiding principals are:

  • Empowered Students

  • Sustainable Communities,

  • Learning for Sustainability

  • Maori Perspectives

  • Respect for diverse People & Culture 


Our extensive enviro gardens, including a plant nursery are a special feature of our school that we are particularly proud of and it reflects our commitment to the Enviro Schools programme. Lunch time clubs like, Stream Rangers, Whakarina Fun Group, Pest Control Group and Garden Group offer our students authentic experiences to take part in meaningful clubs that support long standing enviro projects around the school. Mel, our resident plant expert, works with classes and small group projects to further advance our bush regeneration project and sustainable practices.


We are always looking for help and support to keep our Enviro Programmes and activities alive. If you have skills you would like to share or would just like to lend a hand with our programmes please contact the school office.

Being Travelwise

Konini school is a travelwise school in joint venture with Auckland transport. Encourage your family to use environmentally friendly ways to get to school. Park and walk, walk, carpooling, scootering and biking. 

If you do need to drive, model safe road behaviour.