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Enrichment at Konini 

As well as placing a strong focus on reading, writing and mathematics we also recognise the importance of developing healthy, creative learners which is why we offer a rich Arts and Physical Education programme. We employ specialist members of staff to provide all our learners with engaging Dance, Music and Physical education related sessions.

Fitness is a feature of every day life at Konini. Teams work together to provide a variety of fun activities designed to improve co-ordination and increase the heart rate.

In addition to school-wide fitness, every class enjoys regular skill and movement sessions with our Sports Activator. Senior students also get the opportunity to represent the school at zonal sports day in the following sports; swimming, athletics, hockey, soccer, rippa-rugby, league, netball, cricket and cross country.

Konini also runs a number of annual whole school sports days such as athletics, cross country and top team day to promote particpation, competition and fun.

Free swimming sessions are provided for all Year 3-6 students at Glen Eden Intermediate in term 4 each year through the Greater Auckland Aquatics plan.



Every class has music lessons each week with our music specialist, Cat Rowllings. In these lessons, students are immersed in a holistic learning experience, which incorporates a mixture of singing, music games, rhythm and body percussion, movement, dance, drama and instrumental playing.


All lessons are linked to our school inquiry themes so learning is done in a meaningful context and is linked with learning in the classroom. Students experience playing a wide range of untuned percussion instruments, ukulele, marimba and xylophone, recorder, boom-whackers and stomping tubes.


Dance and movement sessions are delivered by Ms Brown every Friday. Each syndicate gets to participate in the specialist dance and movement sessions for a term. In addition to the class sessions, Ms Brown runs KC, every Friday afternoon for Year 4-6 students.

Every classroom teacher provides opportunities for student leadership on a weekly basis through class and school related responsibilities such as environmental and ICT monitors. Other important school wide roles include; librarians, whanau leaders (class councillors), traffic wardens, sports shed leaders and the sound system team. All of which play an important part in the day to day running of the school as well as provide valuable opportunities for our students to learn the values of commitment, citizenship and empathy.


We have our very own bike track which makes its way around the school field before heading up to the Story Tree before completing a loop trail to our waterfall. As part of the Bikes in Schools programme we have 60 mountain bikes so every child has the opportunity to gain confidence developing their cycling skills while at Konini School.

Matua Gary provides our Year 3-6 students with expert Kapa Haka tuition. Matua Gary has introduced a unique waiata and haka for Konini.


We have a fantastic library that is open at 8.30am Mon to Thurs. As well as having access to the library before school, children can visit the library at morning tea and lunch time. Each class visits the library once a week with their teacher and can withdraw 2-3 books. Our library is extremely well resourced and looked after by Mrs Campton.

Education outside of the classroom (EoTC) plays an important part in providing all our learners with opportunities to take on personal and group related challenges which can not easily be replicated in a classroom environment. All teams place a focus on EoTC during the course of the year and where possible, make use of our physical environment to hook in learners. Every two years the Year 6 team go on a 3-4 night off site camp.

The Learning Enrichment Opportunities (LEO) programme is a highlight on the school calendar for our students. Students in Year 3-6 get the opportunity to choose from a variety of engaging learning experiences delivered by class teachers, parent volunteers and specialist teachers. Some of the exciting LEO programmes offered last year include; robotics, cooking, dance, drama, movie making and outdoor education.

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