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A bit of history of our unique school

Konini School opened in May 1976 as a full variable teaching space school. As is the case in education, policies and philosophies change, and with that the original open plan layout of the classrooms reverted to single cell teaching spaces. Additional buildings were added, with the most recent arrival being the senior school block in 2014 which is reflective of the current thinking around collaborative teaching. In total, Konini School has 23 classrooms/learning spaces.


We have the capacity to cater for more than 500 pupils but manage the school roll so that we reach the end of year target of 450 through the out of zone ballot process. Our school zone has been in place since 2013. Our goal in managing our roll is to ensure that Konini School maintains a small school feel while still providing a rich and vibrant curriculum.


Konini School has a unique physical environment which provides our students with a wealth of rich, authentic learning experiences without even having to leave the school grounds. Neatly nestled at the end of Withers Road our school sits proudly on 8.5 hectares of land, half of which is native bush which adjourns the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges. The Whakarina stream weaves its way through the upper reaches of our bush area, fed by a gentle 4 metre high waterfall which surrounding rock faces provide home to our resident glow worms.


Konini Primary School stands on part of what was a nine hectare (22.5 acre) farmlet called Pinehurst, owned by Walter Jowitt, from 1919 to 1953.

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