Konini School offers a transition to school programme open to all 4 year olds enrolled at our school to help prepare them for their school learning. The Kotahi programme allows children to experience learning in a small group setting, providing opportunities for them to experience success. This helps children to feel secure, happy and ready to learn. The Kotahi programme runs every Thursday from 8.50am -10am, allowing the children to meet their future classmates as well as getting a taste of school life.


In Kotahi we will cover skills that will support starting school building on;


  • Reading, Writing and Maths understandings

  • Listening and turn taking skills


Each session we will work with;


Alphabet skills - talking about and recognising letters and the sounds that they make. Each session we will work with the ‘letter of the day’ through a variety of activities.


Phonics - we will reinforce the sounds of letters with songs and actions to help learn to sound out and read words.


Reading - using big books we will learn about using terminology to support becoming a reader. Reading together we will learn how letters make words and words make sentences.


Writing  - we will be working to make sure that we are learning how to hold the pencil, how to form letters, and to use letters to make words.


Maths -  we will be identifying numbers and making sets to represent numbers, counting in sequence.


Activity -  we will work on an activity to support learning the letter of the day.



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