Board of Trustees

What is governance and what do Board members do?

Board members are elected to act on behalf of the school’s community to ensure that the school continuously improves student progress and achievement.

Board work is primarily about governance of the school. Governance involves setting strategic direction through our vision, core values and strategic goals. Core work of the board includes setting targets and tracking student progress. This also includes regular review of curriculum areas.

The board monitors financial expenditure of the school and sets a yearly budget. We also establish long term property plans and prioritise property projects with allocated funds.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the school complies with all legal directives made by the government and the Ministry of Education. This is done by ensuring we have robust policies and procedures in place.

There is a clearly documented line between board work and management work. Boards of trustees govern (oversee management) and principals manage the school. It is not the role of the Board of Trustees to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the school, this is the responsibility of the principal and the school staff.

The Board is proactive rather than reactive in its operations and decision making. To do this the Board needs to be focused on the future, where the school is going, and where the school has been to inform decisions for the future.

Andrew Ducat

Staff Representative
Gill Aldworth


Richard Skevington


Parent Elected Trustees
Amanda Burns, Jon Kearins, Amitha Krishnamurthi

Richard Skevington

Richard Pic.jpg

​Tēnā koutou. My name is Richard (Rich) Skevington.  I have been a member of the Konini School Board of Trustees for the last three years and am the current Chairperson. I have two children, my eldest Zoe is in Year 5 and my youngest Emily has just started school in Room 2. I am married to Jo, a High School Science teacher.


I have worked for Air New Zealand since 2002. My current role is Duty Manager of Air New Zealand’s Network Operations Centre located at Auckland Airport.


Like all parents I want the very best for our children. I believe schools play an important role in shaping and building the communities they are part of. I am very passionate about ensuring that all our children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Using my skills and experience I want to build on our focus to lift achievement and social development within the rich and diverse environment we have here at Konini. I want to continue to help our students to gain experiences and opportunities that see them able to engage with education now and in the future. It is imperative that we give them a sound base of knowledge, skills and confidence at the Primary School level to set them up as lifelong learners.


I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Konini Board of Trustees and am extremely proud of what the school has achieved. Konini is blessed with an amazing team of leaders, teachers and support staff that go above and beyond for our children. 

Board Chairperson

Amitha Krishnamurthi


My name is Amitha Krishnamurthi.  I am a qualified social worker and have a daughter who attends Konini in Year 1.  I have interacted with children and families in a variety of settings.  I currently work with refugee families and can understand what resilience looks like.  I also have the opportunity of learning from people about diversity in thought, action and acceptance.


My interest in being part of the Board of Trustees at Konini School is to be part of a primary education environment and to contribute and learn from the work teachers do in shaping young minds.

Amanda Burns

Amanda Burns Pic.jpg

Kia Ora koutou my name is Amanda Burns, proud mother of current Konini students Ocean, Reef and Rivah. Maz has now graduated to GEIS and Taj will be starting next year. We have been a part of the Konini whanau for seven years and will be for another seven, and absolutely love it. 


My passion for our tamariki’s learning environment and the future endeavours of Konini are what drives me to stand for election. I have over four years experience being Chairperson for a community owned Kindergarten and in that time directed and guided a restructure of the Board to be more formal and professional. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the future successes of Konini. 

Jon Kearins

Jon Kearins - Konini BOT nomination phot

​My name is Jon Kearins and I stood for the Board of Trustees for Konini School because as a parent it pleases me just how much my kids enjoy school, and because I wanted to assist to the best of my ability to retain and enhance the sense of community, pride, and inclusiveness that me and my family have experienced at the Konini School.  I have also been really happy with the standard of the educational curriculum and think the teachers and staff do a great job. 


I’m also keen seek to enhance outdoor education and sports.  Konini School has fantastic grounds that lends itself to developing this further. The Enviro-school and Travel wise programmes are great programmes too and I would definitely be supporting them.  Another focus for me would be around regular Board communication with the school community.